The Vision Behind

Martin Krümmling - The Vision Behind

Anna Webber (Sax, Flute)  Mark Turner (Sax) 

Can Olgun (piano)   Desmond White (bass)

Martin Krümmling (drums, comp.)

"The Vision Behind" is Martin Krümmling´s first CD. It was reorded in New York in february 2011 and will be released on the Label Unit Records on march 16th 2012.

„First records tend to fall into one of a couple categories; they are either blatant attempts to be commercial; or they’re “not ready for primetime;” or they sound like the work of virtuosos with attention deficit disorder.

Martin Krummling’s first offering as a leader,“The Vision Behind”, is none of the above. It’s a beautifully recorded collection of songs, with a unified musical concept, played by a mature, fluid and probing ensemble.

The heart of the ensemble is the sensitive and swinging rhythm team of Martin on drums, pianist Can Olgun and Desmond White on bass. Soloists Anna Weber, on tenor and flute, plus special guest Mark Turner on tenor, bring Martin’s strong melodic

statements to life while their solos fortify and stimulate the rhythm section. “The Vision Behind” isn’t the

end of the story for Martin Krummling and friends. We can all savor this offering and await the sounds ahead. Enjoy,“

John Riley